Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2017

Shuang Lin Monastery has a long history in organising Mid-Autumn festivities. Our lanterns are exclusively crafted for their vibrancy, artistry and uniqueness by artisanal craftsmen residing in Sichuan, China. These lanterns decorate the entire grounds, all around the halls and shrines as well as the lintels and posts of doorways. Walking along the path by the radiance of moonlight, luminous lanterns glowing brightly while tea is drunk and mooncakes are eaten, visitors will truly be embraced by the festive spirit while residing in this ancient monastery.

The theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival at our monastery changes is always changed with new and exciting events to enjoy. All this is made possible thanks to the unceasing support of grassroots leaders, prominent members of the community and volunteers, as well as the attendance of our Ministers and MPs, to show their encouragement and motivation for the event.

The Monastic architectural complex is unique, with the interiors and exteriors of the various Halls along with their open courtyards provide various spaces for many sorts of activities. Ethnic dances of all kinds, songs, recitals and performances, along with more traditional riddles, stalls, the lighting of candles and children’s game, all of which are held simultaneously at various part of the grounds. Visitors are free to tour and see the sights or take part in them themselves. This multiracial, multilinguistic interaction on a traditional Chinese day of celebration again highlights the cultural exchange and harmonious coexistence which our country is so proud of.

This year, the monastery celebrated the festive abundance with lantern sets symbolic of bountiful harvests and happy children. Event highlights begining on 30th September include light-up and official opening by Mr. Saktiandi Supaat, MP for Bishan Toa Payoh GRC, lion and dragon dance, folk songs, lantern riddels and many more cultural performances.