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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

03 Sep 15

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Programme Schedule

Mid-Autumn Festival Programme Schedule

Brain & Science Talk

30 Jun 08

Science and religion are often perceived to be mutually exclusive and at times contradictory. Scientific advancement challenges religious beliefs and can force religious ideas to be re conceptualized. Buddhism is defined as a religion, a philosophy and a way of life.
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Pilgrimage Tour to Sikkim

28 Jun 08

Imagine replacing your urban horizons with the natural landscape of mountains and valleys, feeling the spray of waterfalls as you stand on stones smoothed with the flow of time and water, enjoying an alpine climate filled with flora that look and feel like they have existed since the beginning of time.
Just a four hour flight away, it is not too hard to imagine.
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The Need for Volunteers

16 Sep 07

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16 Sep 07

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13 Aug 07


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